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Ohloh project report for Calizo
last updated 14.Apr 2008
Calizo is designed to be hopefully easy to understand, and many things should get clear simply by exploring the application.

Some hints to start:
Calizo allows you to define several calendars in one document. Document means an ical file. Calendars of the current document are shown in the 'calendar list', available in the 'view' menu or by pressing Ctrl+L.

For each event you can define links to files, webpages, folders, or whatever you like. You can follow these links by double click for example.

More documentation as pdf or html.
Download an example file here.

Documentation help welcome:
If you like to take some screenshots and explain the steps how to make a nice timeline for project management, family history, or something else, you are welcome to participate in the calizo project with a documentation helping others find their way.